Let’s Talk Young Women Ministry

Let’s Talk Women Ministries


Ebony Addison – Rhema Word Ministries, Secretary

 I humbly appreciate the gift of ministry given to me by God. God placed this vision in my heart to pursue it and to fulfill it. My heart deeply goes out to every girl in need of love, understanding, support and encouragement. We as women and young girls all face troubling experiences in life; we’d be surprised how much we all have in common. It is important to keep the bond between women strong and uplifting. By the grace of God we all are survivors. Our girls need spiritual examples of women who have overcome by the grace and love of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.


The “Let’s Talk Women” Ministries is a ministry that is purposed and designed to bring young girls to salvation through Jesus Christ. This ministry was not only created to bring young girls to Jesus, but to ensure future spiritual coaching, development and support is given in order to help them maintain their spiritual walk with Jesus. This ministry is totally selfless and focuses on the conditions and lifestyle battles that young girls face in the world today. With God we can overcome anything. We must go and get our girls who are lost, abused, violated, hurting and overtaken by the devil. So many young girls have given themselves over to anything and everything that is wrong, demonic and exploiting. We must empower them to come to Jesus and receive His love; His forgiveness awaits them.

Through this ministry services and forums will be held monthly to keep our young girls (and other attendees) in communication with each other and to keep them within a spiritual environment in order to continue seeking after God. Friday night services will be held at Rhema Word Ministries at 7pm at least once a month (sometimes twice a month) and forums will be held once a month. The services will include several guest speakers per night (some services may only have one speaker) to spiritually encourage our young girls to come to the Lord and be saved. These services will be guided by the Holy Spirit and performed in the order of the Lord. The purpose of this ministry is not only to have church services but to have forums (wrap sessions) in which young girls can come just to talk about struggles, personal situations and receive guidance from spiritual women who can provide motivation to them.

This ministry is going to be dynamic! We praise God for the vision and the boldness to go forth doing His will! Thank you for being a part of this journey. It is only the beginning of marvelous things to come, not only for me but for you and our girls in the community!

 “The strength and beauty of other girls is what makes me beautiful” – Ebony Addison

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